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 Lightning - Into the Blue

  ss Great Britain, Trans-Atlantic Days, 1845-46,

A reminder of holidays past in West Wales.   ailing in the estuary of the Afon Teifi off Poppit Sands .  It was commissioned by a friend.  Cardigan Island is in the background.  February 2010 The painting was inspired by a recent visit to the RAF museum at Cosford, where an English Electric Lightning hangs vertically in the Cold War Exhibition Hall, above the V Bombers and other aircraft of that period.  August 2011  Painted especially for the charity auction at the British Antarctic Survey Club Reunion, held on board the ss Great Britain, in Bristol on 18th June 2011.   May 2011

Shetland Bewety


Blaze Farm Mule  

Wiltshire Horn  Sheep   Commission

The 'Wonderwool Wales' exhibition  was held at Builth Wells in 2010,  This Shetland ewe was amongst the stock on display in the main shed.   October 2010 I like these Herdwick sheep from the Lake District. They remind me of Larry the Lamb.  Also found on a series of earthenware mugs......  August 2012 Or should it be Blaze Farm M-ewe-l?  Blaze Farm is on the A 54 Buxton to Congleton Road.  Also known as the Ice Cream farm.  A Wool Craft day was held in a barn in early July 2011, where many guilds displayed their spinning and weaving interests. There were also sheep shearing demonstrations.  The mule ewe above was about to be sheared.       December 2011 An old friend asked me to do a portrait of the sheep on his land in Woolhope, Herefordshire.  Here we have Marlon Rambo getting friendly with one of the ewes.  These sheep are bred by Mabley Farms for their  meat, and usefully too, they do not need shearing.  Their fleece is shed naturally.  April 2012



English Longhorns     Commission

 On the Uttoxeter Canal: Crumpwood Weir,  c1845.   An Historic Visualisation 

On the Caldon Canal:- Cherry Eye Bridge

 English Longhorn cattle are bred as a business on my old friend's land at Woolhope.   Mark and Liz run the Mabley Farm raising these magnificent beasts and a flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep. June 2012  

This has been prepared in conjunction with members of the Caldon and Uttoxeter Canals Trust to illustrate the unique Crumpwood Weir.  It is the only example of its type in the UK and should be preserved as an example of our canals heritage.  March 2012 

This painting was undertaken  to provide a theme which encapsulates two iconic features of the Caldon Canal, Cherry Eye Bridge and the narrow boat horse Badger. March 2009